Residential 24-Hour Support

Individual support hours may be purchased by a person or family member to provide additional support in an person’s home or in the community or during periods of hospitalization as per the person’s requested support needs. These support hours are to augment a person’s support and do not replace the typical support that would be offered to the person based on the current service he/she receives from Community Living Mississauga.

Residential Supported Independent Living

Individual support hours may be purchased by an person or family member through Supported Independent Living as a result in an increase in supports hours due to an person’s health concerns or hospitalization. The hours would be purchased to increase support for a specific period of time with specific expectations until the health matter is resolved.

Who is Eligible

People who are currently receiving support in a 24-hour location or a Supported Independent Living location.

What You Can Expect

  • Meeting to discuss nature and frequency of support being requested.
  • Purchase of Service Agreement detailing terms and conditions.


Hourly rate for support worker inclusive of benefits and administrative costs plus any additional costs related to activity choice.

How to Get Involved

Please contact your Community Living Support Manager at 905-542-2694 for more information.