65 and Continuing to Thrive!

Happy Anniversary Community Living Mississauga!

The most important reflection over the past 65 years is that we continue to grow and evolve as an organization! Undoubtedly, there have been challenging times and barriers to overcome. However, we continue to be a thriving organization demonstrating resilience and tenacity on behalf of people we support and their families.

Join us as we celebrate 65 years of providing supports and services in the Mississauga community!

Let’s reflect on some history- Did you know?
• On January 20th, 1955, a group of parents and community-minded citizens met to discuss providing educational opportunities to children who have an intellectual disability. From those humble beginnings, an organization grew and evolved with a clear focus on ensuring the quality of life in the community was meaningfully improved for people who have an intellectual disability. Community Living Mississauga now provides support to more than 3,000 people and families!
• In 1964, we opened a preschool in the basement of the Cooksville United Church. The program supported four children, two days a week. Our Early Childhood Education Resource Services currently supports more than 470 children in 74 Early Childhood Education Centres across Mississauga.
• The operating budget for Community Living Mississauga in 1974 was $52,000. Today, it exceeds $41 million!

We certainly have come a long way! One thing that hasn’t changed is the financial support that Community Living Mississauga relies upon to continue to address the needs of the organization as we move into the future.

Let’s celebrate and acknowledge this milestone of 65 years together!

Please help us in our celebration with your generous donation of $65.00 for 65 years!

Your gift of any value whether one time or monthly is so appreciated and we thank you for your continued support!


Dorothy Martel, President                                 Keith Tansley, Executive Director