Wow…what a year!  We don’t have to tell you how challenging the last 365 days have been. We’ve all been affected in ways big and small. But as we approach spring, a sense of optimism and hope is pushing through.

The employees, families, volunteers, donors and supporters of Community Living Mississauga are truly champions! The pandemic required the organization to quickly respond with a myriad of protocols and processes to keep everyone safe. Through this challenging year, the people we support and our employees have shown great resolve and resilience and the constant need to refocus. To say we are proud would be an understatement — we cannot thank them enough!

Of course, we cannot do anything without the help of our community. Here at Community Living Mississauga, we are making an ask this year with great respectunderstanding, and hope. We are also suffering from the economic fallout from the pandemic as donations for last year were way down, and our fundraising events were all cancelled. We rely on these funds to run many of our programs.

  • Become a member of Community Living Mississauga — it only costs $20 to be a member and you’ll help us shape the future direction of our organization. Members are also invited to our Annual General Meeting to be held on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, where our theme will be “Resolve. Resilience. Refocus.”
  • Make a donation — any amount will help us to continue to ensure the quality of life is meaningfully improved for people who have an intellectual disability. Community Living Mississauga now provides support to more than 3,000 people and families.

Your gift of any value whether one time or monthly is so appreciated and we thank you for your continued support.

Here’s to a brighter future ahead for us all.


Dorothy Martel, President                                 Keith Tansley, Executive Director