Ontario Helping Protect People who have an Intellectual Disability

Province Launches Service for Reporting Abuse and Neglect

If a complaint or concern about abuse, neglect or exploitation is reported to Community Living Mississauga, the organization follows its policy regarding Abuse and Neglect.
And now, the Government of Ontario has launched ReportON, a new service for reporting suspected or witnessed abuse of adults who have an intellectual disability for the general public.

The 24/7phone line and email service is the latest step taken by the Ministry of Community and Social Services to further improve the safety of adults who have an intellectual disability.
Abuse is often hard to identify. Examples can include being denied basic necessities like food, shelter, clothing or medicine.  Even if you are unsure, but suspect abuse or neglect of an adult who has an intellectual disability, you should contact ReportON. Each call will be investigated and the appropriate action will be taken.

People can access ReportON by calling 1-800-575-2222 or emailing reportONdisability@ontario.ca. For text telephone (TTY): 416-916-0549 or Toll Free 1-844-309-1025.

Quick Facts

  • About 70,000 adults who have an intellectual disability live in Ontario. About 18,000 of those adults receive residential supports funded by the Government of Ontario.
  • Agencies providing provincially funded developmental services must comply with 351 quality assurance measures in provincial regulations and policy directives including health and safety and abuse prevention and reporting.
  • ReportON is not an emergency crisis service. If you suspect an adult who has an intellectual disability is being physically or sexually abused, call 9-1-1 for emergency services.

To learn more about the ReportON Service, please visit: Ontario.ca/ReportON.

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