As this unprecedented year draws to a close and as International Volunteer Day approaches on Saturday, December 5th, we thought this was the perfect time to tell our volunteers and placement student’s how much we appreciate you.

Community Living Mississauga’s vision is to create a community which is welcoming, accepting and inclusive of all people. We recognize that to achieve our vision; we need to involve volunteers and placement students in our work, we can’t do it without you!

Through your generous gift of time, skills and personal interests during the last year, you have complimented the work of our employees as we all worked together to improve the quality of life for people we support.

To those of you who gave your time to serve on the Board or a committee thank you for your support during this unprecedented year.

To those of you who have pivoted to virtual volunteering, thank you.

To those of you whose volunteer role was put on hold due to COVID-19, we anticipate the day when you can once again volunteer in our programs and supports.

To all of our student placement’s thank you for bringing your in-class learning and your skills to your field placement.