Organize an Event in Your Community

Hosting your own fundraising or awareness event can be a unique and meaningful way to make a difference and benefit others. If you are looking for a great way to support Community Living Mississauga, why not organize a third party event. This is an event organized by you, however big or small, where the proceeds are donated to Community Living Mississauga.
Fundraising is an important part of Community Living Mississauga’s activities that help sustain unfunded programs for individuals who have an intellectual disability and their families.

Here are some examples of successful third party events:

  • Bowling Tournaments
  • Dinner/Dances
  • Wine/Cheese Parties
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Endurance Challenges
A Night for Autism donation

Sponsorship Opportunities

Fundraising through the Community Living Mississauga Foundation helps us to sustain unfunded programs for people who have an intellectual disability, and their families.

During the summer months, it can be difficult for families to find things for their kids to do. That challenge is even more so for families with children and teens who have an intellectual disability. That’s where Community Living Mississauga’s Summer Programs come in… and where ALL funds raised go.

We provide support so that children and teens can enjoy inclusive, community programs that allow them to grow and develop and have fun! These summer programs give caregivers a much needed break and offer them peace-of-mind knowing that their child is enjoying the summer, just like their non-disabled peers.

Learn about our two biggest fundraiser events – our annual Tribute Dinner and Golf Classic.