As we are all aware, Ontario’s stay- at- home order will be in effect until at least June 2nd. However, we are encouraged that the situation is slowly trending in the right direction.

Community Living Mississauga continues to address the necessary steps to address the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to share the following updates:

  1. Vaccinations

We are pleased to report that everyone who receives 24 hour support through residential services has been vaccinated with a first dose. In addition, over 90% of people who receive support through Supported Independent Living have also been vaccinated with one dose. This is such a key factor in protecting the health and well-being of the people we support as much as possible.

In addition, close to 75% of employees have also received their first vaccination. An incredible accomplishment and huge turning point as we continue to navigate through this pandemic.

  1. Positive COVID-19 Cases

In keeping with our open communication, we would like to provide an update that during the past couple of months we have had 3 separate situations where there has been employees and people who receive support test positive for COVID-19. Every precautionary step was taken to ensure the well-being of the people we support and our employees. We are pleased to report that everyone has recovered and is doing well!

  1. Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC)

Community Living Mississauga recently underwent an Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) assessment involving two 24 hour support locations. The assessments were conducted through Peel Public Health and were aimed at examining and evaluating Community Living Mississauga’s Infection Prevention and Control practices using provincial recommendations developed by the Ministry of Health and Public Health Ontario. This is a very detailed process that sets out highly specific guidelines and standards. We are so pleased that the inspectors were very impressed with our COVID-19 policies, practices, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) practices and supply, our communication to employees, and also how organized and centralized our processes are through Human Resources. Of course the greatest outcome is the validation that Community Living Mississauga continues to provide a high level of support in order to keep the people we support and our employees as safe and healthy as possible.

Thank you again for your patience, understanding and ongoing support!