Happy New Year to everyone!

Every end marks a new beginning. The new year is the perfect time for us to appreciate all the good things of the past year despite how difficult it was.

As we enter this new year, there is a different hope and anticipation that we are experiencing compared to this time last year. This year we anticipate and hope for a great deal more having experienced so many restrictions and the overall devastating impact COVID-19 has had on the lives of so many. However, one thing still remains, we will continue to accomplish great things! People will continue to receive great support!

In keeping with our open communication, we would like to provide an update from the past month. It was a difficult several weeks as we experienced an outbreak in four different 24 hour support locations. The required procedures and protocols were followed with the additional direction provided by Peel Public Health. Everyone involved has recovered and is doing well!

As you are aware, the positive cases in the Region of Peel are among the highest in the province. We cannot let our guard down! We need to continue to take every precautionary step to ensure the well-being of the people we support and our employees. We will continue to follow the rigid screening processes and the mandatory Personal Protective Equipment practices to avoid the transmission of this virus.

We sincerely appreciate the understanding of everyone as we work together to reduce the spread of this virus and safeguard everyone as much as possible.

May 2021 bring peace, health and happiness!

Resilience and strength together!