Recent information obtained about the vaccine has indicated that the Developmental Services sector will be part of the phase 2 roll out beginning in March 2021. Although time frames may change, we wanted to send out some information regarding the vaccine and let you know we are developing plans and being proactive to be ready when the time comes.

Although the vaccine is not mandatory, people who receive 24 hour residential support as well as Supported Independent Living and Family Home supports will be provided with information on the vaccine, the process of receiving it, and the potential side effects. People we support are also being encouraged to consult with their family doctor for recommendations regarding the vaccine.

Part of obtaining the vaccine requires a person to sign a vaccine screening and consent form. This link provides the current form posted to give you an idea of the required information. As documents may change, we will ensure the most recent documents are provided as required.

We will be including family members for people who receive 24 hour residential support in this decision and will be making contact to discuss this process further. Arrangements will be made regarding the completion of this form as we get closer to a defined date.

The following link to the Ministry of Health website provides current information for your review.

We will continue to provide updates and details as they become available and as we obtain direction from Peel Public Health.

This vaccine is a time to celebrate the light at the end of the tunnel and a return to a “normal” life for everyone, but especially the people we support and employees who have worked tirelessly through this challenging time.

Resilience and strength together!