One of the benefits of working in our field is that each day can bring new opportunities and challenges. However, the challenges which the employees at Community Living Mississauga have faced over the past year are beyond what anyone expected.

Nevertheless, our employees have ensured that the people they support stayed safe and connected during this unprecedented time.

Some have been forced to adapt to working remotely. Some have seen their roles change as several of our support were affected by lockdowns. Others have been tasked with rethinking how we can continue to provide supports during a time when we have been asked not to go into the community. But, all of our employees have been willing to adapt in order to ensure the people we support are kept safe while also staying connected.

The past year has forced us to examine and adapt many of our processes. Thanks to valuable input from our employees, some of these changes have proven to be very efficient, such as using online documentation to reduce the amount of travel time and paperwork for our support workers. We will take what we have learned and will be continuing these new processes well into the future.

Community Living Month is a time to thank all of the employees at Community Living Mississauga for their continued dedication. We are getting through this. And we are doing it together.