When COVID-19 hit, and the government issued a ‘Stay at Home’ order, all of Community Living Mississauga’s in-person social programs stopped. This meant that people who have an intellectual disability who already experience varying degrees of social isolation experienced even more isolation from their community.

A handful of active Community Living Mississauga volunteers who understood what stay at home orders could mean to people, immediately stepped up to see how they could assist the people supported by Community Living Mississauga during COVID-19. They formed a pilot project committee which recommended developing a new opportunity for young adults utilizing a virtual platform.

Using their technical skills, knowledge of social media and willingness to connect with adults who have an intellectual disability, the committee and our employees quickly put together our first virtual social initiative in May of 2020.

Offered three days each week, this project was planned and run by the volunteers. It was such a success that Community Living Mississauga employees used the learnings and successes of the program to offer more and more virtual programs.

Thanks to the efforts of these volunteers, virtual activities have offered a way to reach people and decrease social isolation. Through their gift of time and skills, the volunteers have improved the quality of life of adults who have an intellectual disability in Mississauga during COVID-19.

Most of the initial group of volunteers has since gone on to volunteer in other virtual programs and are still volunteering with us one year later.

Thank you to all of our volunteers for their dedication!