Cookbook Now Taking Orders

Want to try recipes from Olympian Silken Laumann, CFL legend Michael ‘Pinball’ Clemons, Chef Michael Smith and support Community Living Mississauga? A new cookbook, just released for the holiday season, ’Sip, Sup, & Socialize’ includes over 100 recipes from famous and not-so famous foodies with all net proceeds going to support people who have an intellectual disability through Community Living Mississauga.

The project came about as a way to remember Nancy Murless who was supported by Community Living Mississauga much of her adult life. “When Nancy passed away in 2010 we really wanted a way to honour Nancy and to bring awareness to, and support for, people who have an intellectual disability,” explains her brother, Doug Murless. “We came across an old copy of a charity cookbook ‘Sip, Sup & Socialize’ compiled in 1975 and decided to create an updated version.

So Doug and his wife, Karen Wilson, began emailing and texting everyone they knew to get recipes. “We were so amazed by the response,” says Karen. “Everyone was on board with the idea right away and soon our inbox was full.” The couple also decided to go after well known chefs and celebrities to really create interest in the book. “We wanted to get some recognizable names so we could leverage their celebrity for promotional purposes and create more awareness for people who have intellectual disabilities,” says Karen.

Through email and tweeting, the pair managed to get chefs such as Susur Lee, Michael Smith, as well as Olympians Heather Moyse and Silken Laumann, Hockey Night in Canada analysts Kelly Hrudey and Nick Kypreos — and even Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton. “I tweeted Chelsea one night out of the blue to ask if she would send us a recipe and explained what it was for,” says Doug. “A few minutes later she answered back and said ‘absolutely, what do you need?’. I was thrilled.”

The book is being sold for $30 (which includes tax) and the couple are hoping that once printing is paid for, the net proceeds will amount to approximately $20 per book which will initially be donated to Community Living Mississauga. As Doug says, “Our goal is to eventually use the book to help raise funds for Community Living associations across Canada. The need is great everywhere and we hope to help out in is as many communities we can.”

The Crown & Lion pub (located at Financial Drive and Steeles), a long-time supporter of Community Living Mississauga, will be hosting a launch party for the book on Sunday, November 25 from 3 to 6 pm. You can pre-order your book before-hand and then pick it up at the event by visiting the website here: Everyone is welcome to the launch party and hopefully some of the cookbook recipients will be there to sign their fabulous recipes.