Due to COVID-19 protocols, Community Living Mississauga had to transition our student placement opportunities to a virtual format. This ensured the safety of the students as well as the people we support and our employees.

Each student, after initial screening by Volunteer Services, is assigned to a Manager and a Site Supervisor. The Site Supervisor and student meet to discuss the student placement college assigned goals, and together, they work to accomplish as many of these goals as possible while also ensuring that the personal goals of the people being supported are also met.

Students met once or twice weekly with people we support to provide meaningful virtual interactions. The interactions were scheduled to include virtual activities which were based on the interests of the people the students were supporting

Additionally, Community Living Mississauga offered weekly virtual training to the students through employee representatives from our many support services. These sessions were made possible thanks to the various departments from Community Living Mississauga – each of which presented a different topic each session.

The Site Supervisor oversaw the placement student’s virtual interactions with the people being supported and filled out an evaluation, which was forwarded to the student’s Developmental Services Worker course instructor.

It was a challenge to redesign the entire placement process, but Community Living Mississauga knows first-hand the need for new Developmental Services Workers and recognized the vital role placements play in the education process.

Thank you to all of the colleges and students who have worked with us to ensure that student placements have continued during the past year.