1. Hover Highlighting

Hover Highlighting is turned on by default.
You can have text read aloud by positioning your mouse over text or, if you are using a touchscreen device, by tapping the text once. BrowseAloud Plus will then read through to the end of the page or until you press ‘Stop’.
To turn Hover Highlighting off, press the red Hover Highlighting button.
To turn Hover Highlighting back on, press the green Hover Highlighting button.

2. Text Selection

You can also have text read aloud using Text Selection. To use this option, first ensure that Hover Highlighting it turned off by pressing the red Hover Highlighting button. The BrowseAloud Plus toolbar will now look like this:
Highlight the area of text which you would like to have read aloud then click or tap on the Play button.

3. Pause/Resume Speech

To pause or resume speech at any time, click the Pause/Resume button.

4. Stop Speech

To stop speech at any time, click the Stop button.

5. Close Toolbar

To remove the BrowseAloud Plus toolbar from your screen, simply click or tap the Close button.