We wanted to provide you with an update based on the changes to provincial directives and the transition to Step 3 in Ontario. We are pleased to begin to remove some restrictions as COVID-19 case counts drop and those in receipt of vaccinations increases.

  • Vaccinations

As you are aware, a vaccine is the only foreseeable way to end the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic will not end until the majority of Canadians are vaccinated. You can protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community by getting vaccinated. While the vaccine will protect each of us individually, the primary goal of a vaccine program is to immunize the majority of the population so that COVID-19 can no longer spread. The sooner a majority of Ontarians are vaccinated, the sooner our lives can return to normal. Currently, 72% of employees of Community Living Mississauga have received the first vaccination and 37% have received their second vaccination. We are continuing to encourage everyone to get vaccinated now!

  • The Base Site Locations

The Base site locations have been offering in person supports although restricted to only a couple of people at one time. At this point, there have been approximately 15 participants who have been excited to participate in some great summer activities, socialize, and of course meet up with some of their old friends! A wide variety of virtual activities continue to be enjoyed as well!

  • Summer Programs

Our summer programs are off to a great start this summer.  Again this year, we are offering the programs in a modified manner to ensure compliance with the provincial COVID-19 guidelines.

The Children’s Summer Support Program has three different opportunities for children age 4-12 this year.  The traditional Children’s Summer Support Program provides one-to-one support staff to ensure that children are included into a community-based summer day camp. Families register their child into a local, full-day, day camp and the Children’s Summer Support Program staff will support their child while they participate in the camp activities.  The Play in the Parks option provides one-to-one support while children participate in outdoor activities such as sports, crafts, hikes and games at either Jack Darling Park or Erindale Park from either 9 am -12pm or 1-4pm.

Virtual Activities are also available in either individual or small group virtual sessions facilitated by our summer staff.  The activities include social activities, games, crafts or fitness activities.

The Summer Teen Activity Program has two different opportunities for youth aged 13-21 this year.  Through the Summer Teen Activity Program in the Parks, employees provide support to teens while they participate in outdoor activities at either Erindale Park or Jack Darling Park, also for 3 hours each day. Virtual Activities are also available in either individual or small group virtual sessions.

The Futures Program provides opportunities for youth aged 16-21 to gain some valuable work experience through volunteering and to participate in fun-filled social/recreational summer activities at a local park or in their community.  The youth spend half of their day participating in virtual job-readiness workshops from home then the other half of their day either volunteering or participating in the recreational activities.

The Summer Employment Program through HIRE provides opportunities for youth aged 16-25 to gain some valuable work experience while working in a competitive summer job and participating in virtual work-readiness activities.

  • 24 Hour Support

Most recently people have been able to resume outdoor visits with their family and close friends. In addition, the people we support have been able to experience short stay visits with family/close friends outside their own home. Exercising the established safety protocols, we will also be supporting people to enjoy additional experiences and activities within the community. Please be patient as we develop plans and guidelines for people being able to have indoor visits with family/friends in the coming weeks.

  • Head Office

As of Monday July 19, 2021, Head Office employees will be working one day each week with a maximum of 40 employees each day in the office. All existing safety measures continue to be in place and the office will continue to operate with the same restrictions as it has to date.

  • Outbreaks

We are pleased to report that we have not had an outbreak since May of 2021. We are grateful to our employees who continue to follow all established protocols to ensure the health, safety and well -being of the people we support.

We continue to take every precaution to ensure the well-being of the people we support and our employees.

Throughout this time our loyal and dedicated employees have contributed to the organization’s success and we will continue to be responsive to any challenges!

We thank everyone for their continued support!


Resilience and strength together!