Early Childhood Education Resource Services at Community Living Mississauga provides support through our Special Needs Resource Consultants to facilitate the successful inclusion of children who have an intellectual disability into licensed community child care programs.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that all children belong and that all children should have the support and services they need to play, grow and learn alongside their peers in a welcoming and inclusive child care environment.

Resource Consultants

Through Peel Inclusion Resource Services (PIRS), our team of Resource Consultants work with community Early Childhood Educators to promote inclusive learning experiences.

What is PIRS?

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PIRS is a partnership between special needs resourcing programs and licensed child care providers that offer services to families and children before they start school.

PIRS is committed to supporting:

  • Children with special needs in licensed centre and home-based child care programs in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga
  • Early identification of children who may benefit from resource consultant support.
  • Child care programs by providing resources and coaching so that all children can participate fully in child care

Who can receive PIRS supports?

Children with special needs or identified as needing extra support who attend, or plan to attend licensed child care in Peel and would benefit from resource support. If you are looking for licensed child care contact Child Care Info Peel through Child Development Resource Connection Peel or call 905-890-9432.

How does PIRS support my child and family?

Families are connected to a Resource Consultant who will work closely with you to understand your needs and support your child to have a positive child care experience. The Resource Consultant will:

  • Create a plan with you and the child care provider that focuses on your child’s strengths and areas of development
  • Share ideas and strategies to use in child care and your home
  • Build on the child care provider’s strengths to support the inclusion of all children
  • Provide resources and information about other services that would benefit your family
  • Support your child’s transition from child care to school, and to service coordination, if appropriate

How do I start the referral process?

  • If your child attends child care, speak to your child care provider or the Resource Consultant who will complete the referral
  • If you are looking for child care, call us to complete the referral and if required, discuss your child care needs
  • You can also ask your doctor or other professional to start the process and we will call you to complete the referral

What else do I need to know?

  • Child care fee subsidy is available to families who qualify to help with the cost of child care

How do I contact PIRS?

PIRS is part of Peel’s Special Needs Strategy and a partnership between:

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