October 7, 2015, Jaleel started his employment journey with Kelsey’s Aerowood Drive location in Mississauga. Working back of house, Jaleel is responsible for helping in the kitchen-dishwashing, stocking and supplying and assisting with general duties throughout the kitchen. A hardworking, motivated and reliable employee, Jaleel has made a positive impact on the Kelsey’s family.

Jaleel’s supervisor notes how much they appreciate Jaleel and all that he brings to the workplace. The location has come to value an inclusive workplace culture, recognizing the strengths that all employees bring to the workforce and the positive opportunities and learnings that have come as a result.

Kelsey’s is not alone in recognizing the value of inclusive hiring. The 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report revealed that 78% of businesses believe diversity and inclusion is a competitive advantage. Organizations with inclusive cultures are eight times more likely to achieve better business outcomes, according to research findings published by Deloitte. A 2018 Accenture study found businesses that practice inclusive hiring of people who have a disability experience 72% more productivity; a 45% increase in workplace safety; 30% higher profit margins; and two times the net income of other businesses in the study. With retention rates 72% higher among people who have a disability, it’s a competitive edge that recognizes the return of investment for businesses who practice inclusive hiring.

Jaleel is looking forward to continuing his employment with Kelsey’s while balancing school and his personal life. When Jaleel graduates from film studies at George Brown College, he hopes to pursue a career in the industry. In the meantime, congratulations Jaleel on 5 years with Kelsey’s!