A sincere thank you to all the individuals and families who took the time to complete the Customer Satisfaction survey. In addition, a thank you to the Quality Management Committee for their work in the survey preparation and development.

While the survey this year was sent electronically by email with an overall increase in the number of surveys being sent, we noted that the rate of return was still less than we would have liked. The Committee will continue to brainstorm ideas on how to encourage a greater survey response rate in the future.

Based on the data and comments provided, it appears that people continue to be satisfied with support throughout most areas of the organization.

Some highlighted points from the surveys include:

– The amount of support received in all departments is acknowledged as being the same or more from previous years.

– Communication and lack of funding continues to be of concern however it should be noted that communication has improved substantially.

o A specific area of a communication concern was through the Service Coordination Department. In the next month we will be sending out information clarifying what the role of Service Coordination is and that concerns about the overall lack of program or individual funding is the responsibility of the Province of Ontario. We will also be updating families about the advocacy efforts that Community Living Mississauga does on a regular basis outlining the need for adequate funding for the Developmental Services sector

– Most survey responses included comments of both a positive and negative nature, which are very helpful in providing context to the answers received. Comments outlining more serious concerns were followed up on an individual basis. Likewise positive comments identifying the names of support staff were also shared as a follow up

Thank you again for all those who participated in this years survey.