Community Living Mississauga also offers the Links program through the Community Base Sites at the Argentia and Matheson locations. The goal of the Links Program is to provide an opportunity to participate in meaningful community activities, to achieve independence and community engagement. The activities offered in the Links Program will focus on people building social capital within the community. This means that by attending regularly scheduled classes, groups or volunteering at the same place each week, people will be more connected in the community, be part of the groups they participate in and build more relationships.

Participants at all Base Sites will have the opportunity to sign up for a day in the Links Program based on the activities they are interested in. The schedule a person signs up for will continue for 12 weeks.

What can you expect?

  • Two people will be supported by one support staff member to access activities they have signed up for on a recurring 12-week schedule
  • The goal of the Links program is to build social capital. Therefore, people will be encouraged to connect with others in the group with the objective being the ability for the support staff to step back and allow natural relationships to develop and flourish

Who is eligible?

  • All people participating in the Argentia, Matheson or Queensway locations who are interested in the scheduled activities
  • Surveys will go out to participants and families. People interested in the program will be chosen according to interests, matching and availability


Aside from the regular Base Site fees, there is no extra cost

How to get involved

Interested people should return their survey indicating their interest in the Links daily schedule for the day they attend