This program is a supported work program operated by Community Living Mississauga, and is available to all teens from the ages of 16 up to and including the summer of their graduating year. The Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP) will locate supported work for participants, on a paid or unpaid basis, as much as possible in a setting consistent with their career choices. Participants do not need to be job ready, and in many cases may perform part of a job, or work at a rate that is less than competitive.

The focus of the program is on work experience, opportunities for inclusion, and tasks that develop work-related skills and increase independence.

Registration Process

1. Please contact the Employment Resource Centre Manager at 905 542-2694 to learn how to register for SWEP.
2. SWEP cannot offer full-time employment to participants. Opportunities will be offered based on employer and staff availability.
3. Please be aware that only a limited number of applicants can be accepted into the program due to the limited resources available. In the event that there are more eligible applicants than available spaces, final selection will be determined on the following basis:

  • Priority will be given to students who have a job through their school work experience program which can continue through the summer if support is available.
  • Students who are able to commit to working the entire summer will be given priority over those who require vacation time.
  • Students who are older will be given priority over students in the younger age range due to the availability of fewer summer opportunities prior to graduation.
  • If a further selection is required, applicants will be randomly selected by a neutral party.

4. Transportation costs and arrangements are the responsibility of the participant and his/her family.
If you have any questions about this program please feel free to contact your Service Coordinator at 905 542-2694.