cookieFrom September 12 – 19, Tim Hortons guests were able to purchase a specially baked chocolate chunk Smile Cookie for $1, with all proceeds being donated by Tim Hortons restaurant owners to support hundreds of local charities, hospitals and community programs across the country.

In Mississauga, more than $92,000 was raised in support of Community Living Mississauga, up more than 21% over last year’s sales . That’s a lot of cookies!

“We are very overwhelmed by the level of support we have received from this year’s Smile Cookie Campaign,” said Eugene Nolin, President of the Board of Directors at Community Living Mississauga. “Proceeds from Smile Cookie Campaign will go towards Community Living Mississauga’s unfunded leisure and recreational programs including the Summer and March Break programs supporting over 200 children and teens to have a fun summer, participating in the life of their community alongside their non-disabled peers.”

The campaign started in 1996 to help raise funds for the Hamilton Children’s Hospital in Ontario and has grown to become a major fundraising event at Tim Hortons restaurants.

Community Living Mississauga and local Tim Hortons restaurants have a long-standing relationship. Twenty-five individuals supported by Community Living Mississauga currently work at 21 Tim Hortons restaurants across the city and Tim Hortons has twice received recognition as Employer of the Year from Community Living Mississauga’s Employment Resource Centre.