Strategic Goals – Individuals
1. Continue to promote inclusion

a) Development of new partnerships and enhancement of existing ones

2. Continue to enhance the quality of supports and services

a) To establish a plan to objectively evaluate our systems and processes
b) Promotion of opportunities in the community in order to address identified needs
c) An organizational review and evaluation of programs and services
d) Measurement of Social Capital
Strategic Goals – Employee/Workforce
1. The organization values its employees
a) Recognition
b) Cultural competence (valuing the diversity of employees)

2. The organization is committed to enhancing the competency of every employee

a) Leadership Development
b) Performance Appraisals
c) DSW Apprenticeship program (ongoing education)

3. Promote a workforce that is driven by a common set of goals and norms based on our mission and vision
a) Consistency between all teams/staffing groups (positive interpersonal interactions)
b) To continue to enhance each employees understanding of their role as a representative of the organization in the larger community