Community Living Mississauga is part of a network of service providers who form a planning body for the Developmental Services Sector in Peel Region, The Peel Planning Group is gravely concerned about the lack of supports within the Peel Region being provided through the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

These concerns, which are shared by hundreds of individuals and families to whom we provide supports, have been validated by the Select Committee Report and the most recent Ombudsman’s report titled Nowhere to Turn.

One of our primary roles is to advocate on behalf of individuals and families.  In this role, we have done our due diligence meeting with the Ministry of Community and Social Services Regional Office, the Assistant Deputy Minister and the Deputy Minister to discuss our concerns.

While they are making efforts to reform the system, there continues to be an overall lack of funding in the Region of Peel which has left the whole system of supports and services on the brink of falling apart.

In an effort to facilitate change the Peel Planning Group is undertaking an effort to create public awareness of issues being faced by individuals and families not only in Peel Region but also across the Province.  During the months of December and January we will be meeting with our local Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) to present them with a petition outlining our concerns.  We are hoping the political representatives share our concerns and will raise them in the Provincial Legislature on February 22nd.

To support them we our asking you to join with us and electronically sign a petition which outlines the issues.  The more signatures we have the more support our local MPP’s will have to help us achieve our goals.

Thank you on behalf of the Peel Planning Group

Keith Tansley- Executive Director, Community Living Mississauga

Please click on the following link to view and sign the petition.