At Community Living Mississauga, our strength is in our membership. The individuals and families supported by our organization expect that each of our programs and services promote inclusion and active involvement in our community.

This year’s Annual General Meeting, themed “Promoting Inclusion Together”, will celebrate how Community Living Mississauga partners with community organizations to ensure individuals have the support they need to fully participate in community activities.  Mississauga is a more welcoming community when its residents support individuals to reach their personal goals, experience new opportunities and be an active part of their neighbourhood.

A great example of a partnership is the experience that Jeff Tennent—an individual supported by Community Living Mississauga, has had with the Inclusion Resource Team at the City of Mississauga.  Jeff is man with many interests who has always wanted to be actively involved in his community.  He has tried many things over the years but struggled to find the place that was the right fit for him.  Jeff was introduced to the Inclusion Resource Team at the City of Mississauga in January 2018 and it was immediately a great connection.

The support from the Inclusion Facilitator has provided Jeff the opportunity to benefit from everything the fitness program has to offer.  He now works out with his Inclusion Facilitator two times a week and can be found training independently at the gym most other nights of the week as well.  People who know Jeff comment that he is happier, healthier and more active in his community as a result of his ongoing link to his local community centre and other people in his community.  Jeff’s experience with the Inclusion Resource Team at the City of Mississauga is a fine example how “Promoting Inclusion Together” works to improve a person’s quality of life and builds a stronger community.

Jeff reports “I really like my weekly workouts with my personal trainer.”

I would like to invite you to please help us promote inclusion together by investing $20 to become a member of Community Living Mississauga. Your support will enable us to continue to expand our supports, cultivate new relationships and raise awareness about individuals who have an intellectual disability.

By becoming a member, you will help ensure that Community Living Mississauga continues to be a vital organization with a key presence within the community. It is important for us to increase our official membership. While we provide support to thousands of individuals and families through our programs and services, our membership is currently only registered in the hundreds.

Members are also invited to learn more about “Promoting Inclusion Together” at our Annual General Meeting being held on June 21st at the Mississauga Grand Banquet and Convention Centre. Your participation at this year’s meeting will assist Community Living Mississauga with governance, leadership and decision making related to important issues and ensure we can continue “Promoting Inclusion Together”.


Yours sincerely,

Eugene Nolin
Community Living Mississauga Board of Directors