Earlier this year, Community Living Mississauga, along with similar organizations across the province, was excited to hear the Ministry of Community and Social Services was investing $810 million into the social services sector.

Unfortunately, that excitement has transformed into confusion.

In a meeting with developmental service sector representatives on November 3, 2014, senior bureaucrats with the Ministry of Community and Social Services apparently stated that the government’s 2014 budget announcement of $810 million for the developmental services sector over three years actually represents $372 million.

Developmental service providers and families are expressing concern and confusion given that Ministerial media releases keep repeating the $810 million figure.

Ministry representatives say that the $810 million figure is comprised of annual and fiscal dollars, but the actual amount of new money being invested in the sector is $372 million.

We will continue to work with the Ministry to clarify the actual amount being invested in our sector and will keep you updated as more information becomes available.