Be active. Be involved. Be a champion.

The individuals and families supported by Community Living Mississauga  expect that each of our programs and services promote inclusion and active  involvement in our community.

Yet, despite the fact that we currently support more than 1700  individuals and families, only 235 people became actively involved as  members of Community Living Mississauga last year.

I would like to thank the 235 who became champions for our  organization. You  provided a strong voice that enabled Community Living  Mississauga to show it has support when advocating on behalf of individuals and  families. You were also given the opportunity to become better informed  while addressing common concerns with other family members and local citizens.

If you are not already a member, today I would like to challenge you to  become engaged in our organization by becoming a member of Community Living  Mississauga. I know that we can grow our membership to more than 500 champions.

By becoming a member, you help ensure that Community Living Mississauga  continues to be a vital organization with a key presence within the community. Your  support will enable us to continue to expand, cultivate new relationships and  raise awareness about individuals who have an intellectual disability.

Through your participation at this year’s Annual General Meeting, you  will assist Community Living Mississauga with governance, leadership and  decision making related to important issues that affect us all. The meeting  will be held on June 19th at the Mississauga Grand Banquet and  Convention Centre.

Although Community Living Mississauga has accomplished a great deal over  the past year, there are still so many more goals to realize. These goals will  not become reality without your involvement.

Please, invest $15 to become a member of Community Living Mississauga. By  being a champion for our cause, you will enable our organization to continue to  grow and further develop the essential programs and services we offer in our  community.

Please  become a   member of Community Living Mississauga by simply completing the membership application.

Yours sincerely,
Mike Parris