The building of personal connections improves our lives in so many ways. Likewise, the building of connections for individuals who have an intellectual disability continues to make their lives richer and fuller. A perfect example of this is Michael Parcharidis, an individual who receives support through Community Living Mississauga.

Michael has an extraordinary talent in the art of painting. While attending a base site day support program, Michael briefly connected with an art teacher. At that time, the teacher noticed Michael’s natural flair. Michael did not attend the base site for very long, but they soon reconnected at a Community Living Mississauga Conference in 2001.

From that point on, Michael and his teacher began to work together. She assisted Michael with different artistic mediums, such as drawing and painting objects in depth, effective shadowing and colouring. Michael felt challenged to bring out his best and to fully optimize his abilities.

Today, Michael is a professional artist with his own website and is commissioned to paint pieces such as the one featured on the enclosed holiday card.

We have seen time and time again how the quality of life of the more than 3000 individuals who receive support from Community Living Mississauga is enhanced as a direct result of connections that are built. We recognize that every person is an individual, with their own goals and dreams.

That is why Community Living Mississauga, and its more than 450 employees, are dedicated to providing person-centred supports to individuals who have an intellectual disability and ensuring that their quality of life in the community is meaningfully improved.

Community Living Mississauga offers a wide range of supports and services to individuals who receive residential support and individuals who reside with their families…providing living options, employment opportunities and fun social activities where people are able to participate in the Mississauga community and all it has to offer.

These are just a few of the supports and services that are offered and there are many programs and services that would not be possible without your generosity. Your ongoing support of Community Living Mississauga shows confidence that our organization can continue to provide high-quality supports and services – ensuring that the growing number of individuals we support, like Michael, can continue to live a full life.

Perhaps your own child or someone you know and love was also supported by our organization and this was your reason to give. Whatever your reason, thank you again!

I am asking if you’ll support us once again and make your gift of $50, $100, $200 or a special monthly gift. Your donation will help us to continue enhancing the lives of so many. Simply click on the CanadaHelps logo below to make your donation.

Thank you for your support of Community Living Mississauga.


Eugene Nolin
President-Community Living Mississauga